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Concept, research & development - Gosse de Kort

Software - Gerard Peetersen (Rhinocentre)

Electronics - Fabian Stouten

CNC routing - Vincent Mesker

3D printing - Oceanz BV

Assembly & Construction - David Galjaard, Jelle Krug,

Joris Michielsen, Nieke Koek, Wouter van Oosterom 

Composition - Gosse de Kort

Photography - David Galjaard

With generous support by Stichting Raum and Oceanz BV

Traditionally, architecture is considered static, as a building usually stands still. But when you walk through a building, your experience of the building changes continuously while the building remains the same.


This vision has been translated into Solid Cinema, a light installation that was on the RAUM site in Utrecht. The solid work of art exists out of 1,600 unique "pixels" that are only visible in specific directions by means of 3D printed masks and so change the perceived image from any angle and distance. 


People who are driving past the artwork by bus experience something different than the people who walk past the artwork. More so, every possible path in space leads to a different sequence and combination of images. Something we are also confronted with in our daily lives. The way we move affects what we perceive and how we see the world. The articulation of this principle evokes people to explore their environment through their movement. And often leads to playful situations of people sharing experiences and perspectives.


To be able to make this work, spatial information, custom made parametric software and 3D print technology were required. After analyzing the use of the environment, different light images were assigned to 40 "positions" in the space. These light images are then converted to recesses in the masks around the pixels. In total this provides 1600 unique 3D printed masks, each different in shape and lighting directions. 


Too complicated a process to do by hand so de Kort developed, in collaboration with programmer Gerard Petersen (Rhinocentre Netherlands), parametric modeling software in a virtual 3D environment. Due to the parametric character of this software tool, it can also be used for projects in the future.

Solid Cinema - Circular path around the installation
Video afspelen
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